A Look At Doom Eternal Merchandise

So you’ve had your fun playing Doom Eternal, smashed more demon heads than you can keep track of, and are now settling back for some much needed R and R. After all, a Doom Slayer can’t always be on the job. While you’re chilling, you might want to head over to the Bethesda official merchandise shop and have a little look. It turns out that, of course, the company is pushing Doom merchandise hard.

Your first thought is probably going to be, having played the game, that some of the coolest merchandise in history could be made with the Doom aesthetic in mind. There are obvious amounts of insane passion that went into creating the Doom world, with, frankly, some of the most lovingly created bio-mechanical demon designs in history.

But have the merchandise makers capitalised on this opportunity?

The Cool

You’re probably already settling in for some relaxing real money Australian slots online, the exact opposite of Doom Eternal, and a fine way to calm your nerves. Switch over to the Bethesda online store and you’ll get an idea of what’s available. Yes, it’s a veritable buffet of Doom themed stuff, some of which is pretty cool, some of which is a little underwhelming.

The coolest things by far are the statues. Though they are admittedly awfully pricey, costing you more than the game itself, they capture what was great about the game. A Marauder statue, complete with lovingly detailed axe, is probably the best, with the official Doom Slayer statue coming in at a close second. However, why they decided to go with the zombie version of the Slayer is a bit of head scratcher.

Considerably cheaper action figures are also available, with a Slayer Phobos and the Marauder once again depicted in all their glory. For those who like something a little more quirky, the Doom lighter and flask set is also pretty neat. The lighter more than the flask, which is a black Zippo featuring a bold red Slayer symbol.

The Not So Cool

As far as merchandise goes, most want something that captures the essence of the game. To that end, action figures and lighters are a good idea. A not so good idea, at least as far as we’re concerned, are things like Doom themed handbags. Perhaps they have some appeal to someone, but the concept strikes as a little tacky.

The ornamental set is rather cool since it features sprites from the original game, but the items seem designed specifically for hanging from rear-view mirrors. This gives them rather limited application. The same ornaments enlarged, and perhaps turned into decals, would have made them somewhat more versatile.

As a last note, we’re astonished that the collectable action figures for the game aren’t available as real products. It seems like the biggest missed opportunity in history, since the toys themselves have even already been immaculately designed in 3D for the game. We’re honestly dumbfounded. Someone get on this ASAP.