Cool Gifts To Give Gamers

If you have someone in your life who is really into their games – console, handheld, computers, etc. – it might seem like a no-brainer to buy them a gift. Just head to the store and buy them the latest edition of their favorite game. But what about when the developers haven’t released a new version in a while, or your gamer couldn’t wait until their birthday to get the new release? Games can also be quite pricey for a gift, and can get quite repetitive over the years.

We’ll help you out with some cool ideas that are game-adjacent and are sure to put a smile on the face of the gamer in your life. And if you’re the gamer, here are some options for you to add to your wish list for your next birthday.

Collectable figures

From fun caricatures to detailed likenesses, you can get a whole array of figurine options. The studios that make the games regularly create figurines to accompany their games as a way of extending the joy (and their profits). Depending on how much you want to spend, you can get a fun little gift like the vintage-style Pixel Pals, which come in a wide range of video game characters like the Mario Brothers or Sonic the Hedgehog.

A gaming keyboard

Gamers love a mechanical keyboard. The keys are more responsive, giving them an edge while in the field of play. They can shoot and move quicker and the feel of the keys means that they don’t have to look away from the screen to see what they’re doing. The overall design of a gaming keyboard is also focused specifically on the needs of playing and not general computer functionality. The keyboards with LEDs behind the keys are also pretty awesome and make it even more fun when you play Canadian slots for real money.

Wireless controller

This is useful for a player who likes both computer games and video games. There are some games that, even on a computer, are just better to use a controller for. Fighting games and racing games are especially great with a wireless controller because you have more freedom to move around. Just research the controller you want to buy to make sure it is compatible with the console or computer that your gamer uses to play.

Gloves and wrist rests

Long gaming sessions can leave your hands and wrists feeling tired, achy and in the worst-case scenarios, really sore. There are quite a few options to help alleviate the symptoms and let players keep going in their games for longer. These include compression gloves and wrist rests. The former cover the wrists and hands to support the muscles and tendons, but keep the fingers free to play slots for money. A wrist rest is a softly padded support that you place in front of the keyboard and mouse. This makes it easier and more comfortable to hold your hands and wrists in the correct position for using the tools to play your games.