How Toxic Is Multiplayer Really?

If anyone knows anything about video game multiplayer, it’s that modern gamers are some of the most terrible, toxic people in the world. You can barely log into a game and play a few minutes before someone is swearing, being racist, being rude, or otherwise just acting like a rotten child. Right?

Most would agree with the statement, especially if they’ve been involved in the multiplayer scene for any length of time. Though, it turns out that, as much as the toxic side of multiplayer is harped on, that there are also many online communities that are notorious for having extremely respectful, downright honourable player bases.

Dark Souls

Yes, every game has a few rotten apples. Unless, of course, you’re playing Aussie online bingo, in which case you’re unlikely to ever meet a player that is anything less than delightful. But as far as the PC versions are concerned, the Dark Souls community is known for being nothing short of exemplary in their behaviour.

It is not uncommon to see players respectfully gathering in designated areas, challenging one another, and duelling. All while others watch on, never interfering, and even providing support in the way of appropriate gestures. Why it is that this game, which has a reputation for having elitist, obnoxious fans, has such a great PC community really isn’t very clear. Though, it may have something to do with the fact that, even to reach a point where you can participate in such duels, you must have dedicated an enormous amount of time and patience to the game.

Total War Series

The Total War series, also on PC and that in itself might have something to do with it, is about mass destruction and decimation. But, it is also a highly tactical, deeply involved game that demands an extremely high level of focus and dedication. This may be why, for the most part, players are friendly, helpful, and well behaved. Even as they pummel you into the ground.

Head to the forums and long-time pros seem keen and eager to help, guiding newcomers on how to improve their game. Perhaps it has something to do with the truly dedicated getting over petty squabbling?

Rocket League

You would think that a game that is essentially a streamlined version of football would bring out the snarky, verbally abusive man children. But lo and behold, Rocket League is another community that seems to be made up almost entirely of friendly, supportive folks.

You will, once again, occasionally run into those that rage quit, or blame every mistake on their team mates, but this is largely to be expected. However, comparing this community to that of something like Counter Strike: Global Offensive really puts things in perspective.

Pro tip; if you’ve never tried CS:GO, rather just don’t. Unless you want to lose faith in humanity in under ten minutes. Your ears may literally start bleeding as they are assaulted by more racial slurs than you thought possible.