Rating The Best Video Game Releases Of 2022

Okay, 2022 wasn’t exactly the greatest year for video games. But that’s to be expected, given that most industries are still struggling to recover from the world health crisis. Which isn’t to say that 2022 was a bust, just that it didn’t exactly blow anyone’s socks off.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the best games of 2022 for consoles and PC.

Elden Ring

Let’s just face it, Elden Ring basically steamrolled the competition, all but dominating the year entirely. Courtesy of From Software, Elden Ring is the culmination of years of excellent Dark Souls releases. Which is to say that Elden Ring is like Dark Souls, only bigger, better, and more detailed in every way. There was no shortage of sceptical games wondering how the Dark Souls formula would work in an open world setting, only for From Software to prove that it was very possible.

Elden Ring won game of the year hands down. What else is there to say?

God Of War: Ragnarok

What makes 2022 such a flat year is that the gap between Elden Ring and the next best game, God Of War: Ragnarok, is fairly wide. Ragnarok isn’t a bad game by any means, it’s just very much like the first. The graphics are still decent, the voice acting still great, and story still engaging. But if you were hoping for innovation, you’re going to be disappointed.

Check Ragnarok out if you have a PlayStation, it’s worth a look, but won’t blow you away. Maybe check it out if you’re still online after browsing Australian Open odds.

Return To Monkey Island

In a year of mediocrity and bland re-treads, Return To Monkey Island defied expectations. Yes, it is a follow-up to a point and click series that stopped being relevant over a decade ago. But, as it turns out, redoing something that worked years ago, only doing it properly in a modern era, is very effective. The comedy is sharp, the gags chuckle worthy, and the voice acting exceptional.

Return To Monkey Island can be picked up cheap for just about every console and PC operating system under the sun.

Total War: Warhammer 3

If you’ve got a PC that can handle it, and are a fan of the franchise, you’d do well to check out Total War: Warhammer 3. The last in the trilogy is an absurdly large, extremely vast grand strategy game that goes above and beyond. Yes, players are able to combine all 3 releases into a single, vast campaign with Immortal Empires.

This means that all maps, and all factions in the series thus far can be combined into a single campaign. To put it another way; the scope of Total War: Warhammer 3 is almost too large to comprehend. Sure, this may just be a bit much for the average gamer, but for Total War fans this is the sort of expansive war simulation that is coveted. A no-brainer for fans of the franchise.