The Benefits of Playing Board Games

The entertainment factor that board games deliver is only one of the many benefits you can enjoy from playing. Along with possibly connecting you to happy memories of days gone by, you can also look forward to enjoying these advantages when you start playing again:

Brain Function is Improved

Playing board games where you have to decipher clues like you do in Codenames, for example, is exercise for your brain. Games stimulate areas of the brain that take care of complex thought processes and memory function as well as allowing us to practise cognitive skills like problem solving, high-level strategic thinking, and decision making.

A Boost in Creativity and Confidence

When we play board games like the storytelling Dixit, you’ll need to call up the more creative side of your personality. Because this is done non-intrusively, even introverted, quiet characters will feel comfortable doing it. Board games are thus a brilliant tool for timid children and shy adults because playing helps us to develop a stronger sense of our own creativity and enhances our individuality, which in turn leads to greater feelings of self-esteem and feelings of being included.

It Creates Happiness

Even winning simple sliding games like Crokinole triggers the release of our bodies’ natural feel-good chemicals, endorphins. These happy hormones give us the power to improve our mind functions on the conscious and unconscious levels, leaving us feeling more cheerful, more compassionate, and content.

It’s a Perfect Stress Reducer and It Encourages Us to Laugh

Board games encourage us not to take ourselves too seriously and one of its many side-effects is laughter. This is one of the most essential ingredients for a learning experience to be enjoyable and our creativity to be increased. Plus, laughing and having fun while playing games like Resistance, which relies on secret identities, decreases our stress levels.

It Sharpens Focus

When we play board games without interruptions, our attention spans are strengthened. Make sure everyone commits to seeing the game through to the end of Monopoly, or whatever you’ve chosen to play, without any distractions. That means no phones, no asking Alexa to play a particular tune, and no TV. In this time of digital distraction, the attention board games demand is a blessing in more ways than one.

It Strengthens Connections

Working together to play and win strategy-based games like Carcassonne, for instance, brings you closer to your fellow players. Board games require at least two players and are built on cooperation. Players have to engage by teamwork to win and spending time like this in good company strengthens our bonds with our fellows.

It Teaches Goal Setting and Patience

Winning any game, even if it’s a bet in sports betting or something light-hearted and fun like Snap, requires patience and strategy from the player. In a joy-filled environment, we can learn these important skills in a challenging but stress-free way.

Board Games Are for Everyone

A friendly board game with the people you like has only the mildest of pressure, an enjoyable one even. And there are very few restrictions. They can be played anywhere, anytime.