The Best Gamer Weapon Merch Around

In some of the best games ever made, the weapons that the players are given are sometimes so memorable that they become defining parts of the game. From swords to power suits, weaponry in games takes inspiration from both science fiction and history, meaning that they can often be easily replicated, making them the perfect item to put up on the wall.

For the discerning gamer that wants to get a hold of a replica weapon to put on their wall on their collection shelf, these are the very best around.

Geralt’s Witcher Sword

Geralt the Witcher has been around since 2007 when CDProjekt Red released the first game in the trilogy, and it’s his silver sword that has always drawn the eyes of fans of the game. His sword became even more prominent with the release of the 3rd and final game of the series, in which the usage of his awesome magical powers paled in comparison to his skill with the sword. There are many ways to get a hold of a decent replica of Geralt’s famous sword, and in general it sits at around 46 inches in length, and can either be plated in silver or made completely out of silver at a surprisingly low cost, as silver is one of the cheapest metals on the market.

Gears of War Chaingun

The chaingun is the primary weapon of the characters that the players control in the Gears of War series, and it’s become a favourite in the gaming industry. One part powerful and automatic machine gun, one part chainsaw, the chaingun is the ultimate weapon of destruction, designed to fire heavy slugs into the enemy until the player is close enough to finish him off with the chainsaw in the most brutal way possible, maybe not a game best suited for those who prefer The chaingun has long been replicated in real life, and there are plenty of versions that have working parts, with some replicas being real guns with chainsaws attached.

Halo Energy Scythe

The energy scythe from the Halo series is the weapon that was carried by the Elites: a double-sided sword made out of plasma that’s able to cut through just about any material it comes into contact with. It’s a weapon that the Master Chief became accustomed to using, especially when fighting shielded enemies. The energy scythe is a great collectable for any Halo fan, and most often come with built-in LED controls to give the sword that authentic plasma sheen that made the sword so popular in the first place.

The Master Sword

The Legend of Zelda is considered by many as the greatest gaming series of all time, where the player is set on a grand adventure playing as Link as they attempt to save not only Princess Zelda, but often the entire world. Since the very first game was released, gamers have long been infatuated with the Master Sword, a powerful and ancient weapon that’s given to Link early on in his adventures. Its unique design means that it’s instantly recognisable, and the perfect edition to any game replica sword collection.