The Best Video Games For Kids

Screen time may not always be the best thing for children, and yes, you should be trying to limit it as much as possible. However, not all screen time is bad – especially if you have the right things for them to play. There are many games that you can play with your kids, which is a great bonding experience.

Another important thing to consider is what your kids can learn from the games they are playing. Many involve coming up with proper strategies for beating the level or the opponent, which is a great skill for the real world. They may also need to learn to cooperate with other players and that can teach them to put others first and serve the needs of the group rather than just themselves. There is so much to gain from understanding video games and potentially even playing them with your kids.

Splatoon 2

Yes, it is an online shooter game. No, it is not dangerous for them to play. The game is very kid friendly, with wholesome, bright graphics that are ideal for younger players. It’s also cutting-edge and really cool. The characters and the game play are well thought out with plenty of detail to help you to get immersed in the game. Many adults find this game a lot of fun and quite like the fact that it isn’t so realistic in terms of violence and yet has many of the same fundamental features of shooter games like Fortnite. It’s also got a good record for online safety, so your kids can play unsupervised without you having to worry about who they’re interacting with online.


This one was definitely designed for grownups but is actually completely safe for kids to play too – especially if you want to play together as a family. You can create a world together that each player can also access individually and play in whenever they want to. This can be a great shared experience as you all work together for a common goal. If you’re worried about your kids playing the game unsupervised, limit them to the world you built together. You can always play in a different world on your own or with other friends if you want to – the game is flexible enough to allow for that.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

This game is super cute, but also quite the tricky one so it will keep kids busy while you spend time enjoying gambling online in NZ. It’s a puzzle game that is full of different challenges that you have to overcome, so it’s ideal for teaching your kids problem solving techniques. It’s also squarely aimed at children, so you don’t have to worry about it being unsuitable or leaving your kids unsupervised while they play.

For those who love the Super Mario series of games, they’ll also love this game because it’s a spin off using one of the most beloved characters from the Super Mario 3D world – Captain Toad – as the lead this time. However, he has to solve levels in the same fashion.