The Top 5 Shooters Everyone Needs To Play

The humble first person shooter is the cornerstone of the modern video game industry, and it’s pretty difficult to find an avid gamer who hasn’t spent a few hundred hours blasting Russians, demons, and zombies in his favourite FPS. But not every FPS is the same, and we’ve definitely seen our share of absolute failures over the years. Some shooters, however, are so unbelievably well-designed and executed that they’re simply not worth missing. If you’re feeling like you’re itching to shoot some bad guys, these are the very best FPS games that the industry has to offer.

Half Life

Half Life is the game that put modern shooters on the map thanks to its combination of advanced mechanics and pretty graphics. Half Life became so legendary that it’s essentially the reason that Steam is what it is today, so you’d be hard pressed to find a gamer that hasn’t spent a few hours on this masterpiece. Half Life is still just as much fun as ever, although a few mods can make it a bit easier on the eyes.


Overwatch was released to immediate success, and while it may have stolen a number of its gameplay mechanics from other titles, there’s no denying that Blizzard put together in spectacular fashion, basically taking over that corner of the gaming industry, offering as much colour and fun as most online NZ casino sites. Overwatch remains a fan favourite to this day, and a second one has been announced, although there’s still speculation as to whether it’ll be quite as popular as its predecessor.

DOOM 2016

With DOOM Eternal making big waves, everyone is ready to start murdering thousands of demons once again. But Doom 2016 is the reason that Eternal even exists, and it was a violent reminder of just how good first person shooters can be. DOOM is the game that started it all 30 years ago, and it’s once again the leader in the FPS market; a new creation for a new generation of games that offers the fastest, best looking action that we’ve seen since the first iteration of DOOM was released.


Bioshock was first released in 2007, and it didn’t take long for the game to set itself aside as a true masterpiece, one that would go on to give rise to two more masterpieces. But there’s no doubt that the first Bioshock was the best, with its blend of state-of-the-art graphics that still hold up today, and it’s brilliant action and fascinating backstory. Bioshock is as playable now as it was back then, and it’s a game that you need to download and give a run if you’re looking for something new to play.


Even older than Bioshock in 2001, Halo is a legendary FPS that changed what we expected from our action games. It boasted breath taking scenery, non-stop action, truly memorable enemies, and even a genuinely interesting storyline. The original Halo franchise is one of the greats in gaming, and one that has recently been revived thanks to Microsoft.