Things You Didn’t Know About Monopoly

If there’s one board game that is a staple in most people’s childhood memories, it’s Monopoly. While you only received pocket money according to your age (for example, if you were 10 you would receive 10 pence a week) when you stepped in the magical world of Monopoly, you were playing for the big numbers!

There are some things about this board game which have been accepted for many years but are, in fact, not true. Here’s a couple.

The Inventor Of Monopoly Stole The Idea                            

Although Charles Darrow is widely credited with inventing the concept of the game and taking it to the Parker Brothers, he stole the idea!

Elizabeth Magie invented a game called “Landlord’s Game” but the concept never took off. Darrow took this to the Parker Brothers. Interestingly enough, they initially rejected the concept stating that there were 52 ‘fundamental’ errors with the game. Some of these errors included the theme, length and overall complexity. However, Monopoly was successful in Philadelphia stores (it only cost $2 when it was first introduced) which made them reconsider.

The Original Monopoly Man

The monopoly man, who graced the front of the game box, was modelled after J.P. Morgan who, at the time, was the epitome of success. J.P Morgan was one of the most famous and successful bankers in his time. He financed railroads as well as assisting in organising U.S. Steel and General Electric, among many other big corporate names.

The Names Of Properties

In the original game of Monopoly, the properties were named after real Atlantic City locations. As the game became popular in other countries, when the boards were manufactured here, the properties took the names of well-known streets in the specific country.

Speaking of other countries, Monopoly is sold in 114 countries and published in 47 languages. The game has been played by more than 1 billion people across the world. The longest Monopoly game that was ever played is 70 straight days. Put into perspective, this is two straight months! This record was set by people who gathered in 22 cities and played simultaneously.

Based on probability, the most common property that you will land on it Illinois Avenue. The least common, again based on probability, is Mediterranean Avenue.

If You Want To Win, Don’t Buy Hotels

According to a Monopoly champion, if you want to win, rather stick at three houses per property as this is the maximum rental that you can get on a property. Rather prevent the other players from buying houses on other properties.

Just like spinning wheels to win in games, Monopoly has been enjoyed by people of all age groups, all over the world. By no means is the game’s popularity waning. Monopoly has gone digital with Xbox having released version of the game for their console. You can even play Monopoly online with friends, which is something that many people turned to during Covid-19. There’s a version of Monopoly which will take your fancy!