Top 5 Board Games for 2020

Board games are incredibly popular in the world right now. What was once just the realm of the older generation, or those who were called nerds, is now one of the biggest past times for families and friends. Board games are no longer considered boring to play, and that’s probably thanks to the great games that have been developed in recent years.


It’s impossible to create a list of epic board games without adding Catan to the mix. Whether you just play with the base game or you expand with one of the many extensions and variants that have been created over the years, you are sure to have a good time with this game of strategy. The aim of the game is to barter, trade and negotiate your way to domination over the resources of the town you’re building.

Exploding Kittens

If you’ve been on the internet in the last five years, you have most likely come across The Oatmeal. His hilarious comics are satirical, on point and incredibly relatable. They’re also a little dark and twisted. It was from this brain that the card game Exploding Kittens emerged. The aim is to match up your cards and avoid the bomb that will kick you out of the game. The last one standing, wins the game.

King of Tokyo

Pick your monster and get ready to battle it out to reign over Tokyo in this brilliant, cyberpunk board game. There is an array of monsters, all with their own special powers and strengths. You can choose between Meka Dragon, The King, Alienoid, Giga Zaur, Cyber Bunny and the Kraken. The last two have been replaced by Space Pengiun and Cyber Kitty in the second edition of the game. To play, you have to battle it out for supremacy over the city. The winner is the first to reach 20 points, or the only one to have any health left at any point in the game.


Combing a card game and a board game in one, Sequence is one of the top games around the world. If you enjoy Blackjack games for real money you’ll love the fact that it also combines the fun of a classic strategy game with a bit of luck, meaning that no game is ever the same. In order to win, you have to get five of your chips in a row on the board before anyone else. Where you place your chips will depend on the card you pick up on each go.

Cards Against Humanity

This is no classic game for the family… Although you might get to know your family members a little bit better if you do play with them. The idea is to use your cards to fill in the blanks in the sentence on the black card that is pulled each round. The weirdest, funniest, most disturbed or just downright strangest answer wins the round. At the end of all the black cards in the pile, the person who weirded everyone out the most and won the most rounds, wins the game.