What Makes The Sims So Popular?

Twenty years ago, The Sims hit the market and went on to become possibly the most popular video game in the history of the concept. There are over 20 million people playing The Sims 4 all over the world, on PC and console. The odd thing is, not much has actually changed since that very first addition.

Sure, the graphics have improved and new scenarios and ideas have been added. However, if you really look at the game play and what attracts people to the concept – nothing has really changed in two decades.

So, what exactly is it about this game that makes it so popular with people all over the world?

You Can Be Who You Want To Be

This is a timeless concept for humanity. We all dream of changing something about ourselves, or even living a completely different life to the one in front of us. It’s why books, movies and theater are so popular – a chance to escape. With The Sims, you can literally be anyone and live in any world you want to.

The world you create in this game can be entirely based on your personal fantasy of what life would be like if you hadn’t been born when and where you were. This is wish fulfillment at its core. It’s essentially a grown-up version of playing with dolls, and one that is acceptable to talk about in the real world with your work colleagues or over dinner with friends.

A Casual Experience For Players

Most video games have an end or an objective that you have to attain, and some like online Keno Canada games reach a quick conclusion. They’re broken up into levels, and you need to get so many points or find something particular before you can move onto the next level. Players need to finish the game by beating the bad guy, winning the race, or competing in the tournament finals.

In The Sims, however, there are very few objectives required of you in order to progress through the game. The player doesn’t need to do anything specific and there is no goal of winning, beating someone or something, or completing all the levels. Instead, it’s about playing god to your simulated characters in your simulated world. The game is basically open ended.

The World Is Rich And Thought Out

The creators put a lot of thought into the world of The Sims, including a fictional language called Simlish for the sims to speak. They have also created a number of characters that exist in the world, regardless of your choices for your own sims. These existing characters are incredibly three-dimensional and have some incredible back stories that are quite entertaining.

As a player, when you spend a lot of time in the world of The Sims – building houses and towns, following the ups and downs of these characters’ lives – it’s hard not to become attached. They’re all quirky and can feel quite real. Many find it quite soothing to spend time in this world, with these simulated people.